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TMD / TMJ Treatment

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Temporomandibular disorder is the rather difficult-to-say name given to a common, and usually harmless, situation in which the TMJ joint – which is the small, hinge-like joint that connects the jaw and the skull – begins to cause you pain.

While clicking of the jaw is common, Temporomandibular disorder is different. The pain can be quite severe and while most sufferers find it to be temporary, other patients require medical treatment to resolve their ongoing issue. The other problem with the disorder is that it can cause problems with your teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders

At Papini Dental, we take care of all sores and pain relating to the jaw. Though the exact causes of Temporomandibular disorders are not known – they could relate to stress, family genetics or many other potential sources – we can treat it the damage it inflicts.

Our dentistry team will use x-rays, MRIs or CT scans to identify the problem you are suffering from so that we can decide upon the suitable course of action required.

When you come to Papini Dental with Temporomandibular disorder, you will get the treatment you need.

Our renowned facility and use of cutting-edge technology ensure you are in the safest of hands.

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