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Professional Dental Cleaning and Scaling

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With dental scaling and cleaning services from Papini Dental, you can protect your teeth while dramatically improving their appearance.

Scaling and cleaning are required as part of dental hygiene protocols for many patients, particularly those who have gum disease. Over time, an excess of plaque can build up over our teeth. This is due to the food and drink that we consume and the way that small food particles stick to the saliva in your mouth.

Our teeth and gums naturally fight plaque but sometimes they need an extra hand. This is where scaling and cleaning comes in.

Quick and Efficient Dental Cleaning Services

While cleaning is used to remove plaque buildup from teeth that are accessible, scaling is a technique to remove plaque beneath the gums. Because scaling reaches below the gums it can be uncomfortable and therefore our dentists might suggest a form of pain reduction.

Both processes are common and like every other dental service our Toronto practice offers, they are carried out to the very highest standards. Both cleaning and scaling are quick and efficient services that allow you to return home right away.

When you’re looking for the best dentist in Toronto, look no further than Papini Dental.

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