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Many patients that enter the Papini Dental practice in Toronto are unsure of exactly what the dental bridge is.

Simply put, the dental bridge is a set of dental crowns or implants that are attached together and form a “bridge” that is generally used to replace two (and occasionally more) missing teeth. The process involves using the remaining teeth to act as an “anchor” for the bridge.

The benefits of receiving a dental bridge from Papini Dental are many. The dental bridge allows the patient to keep and protect the natural structure of their dentistry. Added to this is the fact that dental bridges allow for a distribution of force meaning that when a patient chews their food the teeth equally share the force applied. This is particularly advantageous for weak teeth or the teeth of older patients.

Long-Lasting and Durable Dental Bridges

In terms of longevity, dental bridges are extremely long-lasting and durable. Much like crowns, they last longer than any removable alternative.

Dental bridges at our Toronto practice are a superb investment for a patient’s dental future. Though more expensive than other options, the durability, functionality and longevity of dental bridges, together with the natural appearance, make them a preferable choice.

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