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Root Canal Procedure

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Papini Dental’s root canal procedure is suitable for patients who have problems with diseased pulp tissues in one or more of their teeth.

When do the skilled professionals at Papini Dental use root canal procedures? The root canal procedure is the classic dental method of removing the tooth to ensure infections do not spread. There are times when our teeth have become damaged through fracture, a bacteria or decay. When the pulp inside our teeth begins to deteriorate or becomes infected, the choice may be made to remove the tooth’s pulp completely to protect the teeth around it and avoid any spreading of the disease.

Root Canal Treatment

Many patients arrive to our dental practice anxious about their root canal procedure. But don’t worry – dental practices have advanced so much that even root canal is a simple and relatively painless task.

Patients arriving for the root canal procedure will likely have been given antibiotics prior to the visit. We will give patients an anesthetic to numb pain before removing the infected area of the tooth. A composite is then applied to cover the tooth and ensure that the patient is completely free of decay. For the best dental services in Toronto, come to Papini Dental today.

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