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For some of our patients, night time sleeping can be damaging to their dental health. A rising number of people suffer from bruxism – the condition of biting down, clenching or grinding your teeth when asleep.

If you have ever woken in the morning with a headache in your temples, tired jaw muscles or a tight neck, you may be a sufferer. Bruxism is problematic because it causes the degeneration of teeth, damage any crowns or fillings or cause clicking of the jaw.

This is an unconscious action that, as of yet, there is no way to remedy. At Papini Dental, we help protect your teeth to keep your smile as radiant as ever.

Custom Night / Sports Guards

Our dental practitioners will form and position night and sports guards to the individual shape of your mouth, teeth and jaw. This mouth guard protects from bruxism during the day and is incredibly easy to maintain.

When you come to our Toronto practice, you will be examined for the telltale signs of bruxism. Once recognised, we will mould the night or sports guard over the base of your top teeth and instruct you on how best to use your new guard. Papini Dental ensures that the fitting of night and sports guards for the protection of teeth.

Professional protection for long-lasting dental health.

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